When you choose to spend your holiday in a beach or mountain, there are certainly many things you can do without any cost...
Swimming, sunbathing, hiking or read your favorite book. But what if the destination you choose is a city? There are so many things you want to buy, so many nice shops where you want to eat, so many attractions with entrance fees ...  
You always hear people say ‘The best things in life are free’. Well the same applies to travel! I will share with you my 10 favorites, free things you can do in any city in the world!

Walk around the city

There is no better way to see a city than to walk. OK, I know… in large cities the distances are enormous but with proper organization you can do it! Choose a hotel that is conveniently located to help you in your daily tours. Make a program! Surely you can not go from one end of town to another on the same day on foot. So, organize the sights that interest you depending on where they are. And most importantly, don’ t go anywhere without a pair of comfortable shoes! I always spend the last day to wander in the city, without plan, without a map and without a destination ... and is the most beautiful day of each trip!

Free walking tours

If you enjoy walking around the city, you can also take part in a free walking tour. You can find them in almost every city, and all you need to do is to Google it. Free walking tours give you the opportunity to explore some of the major attractions of the city, learn their history and secrets with the guidance of a local guide. But there is one thing to remember. At the end of the tour give a tip to the guide. If you are in a city that does not offer a free walking tour, you can check your phone for a walking tour app!

Free Museums

In every city of the world there are museums that are completely free. In some cities, such as London even the most popular  museums such as the Natural History Museum and the Tate Modern is free. Unfortunately this is not true for all cities, but with a little research you can find many free museums in each destination! Also do not forget to check the museums WebPages, since many of them have free admission on selected days (or nights)  of the month and reduced admission in the last hours of the museum operation.

Local Markets

Visiting the local markets is one of my favorite activities, anywhere in the world... There is no better way to enjoy the atmosphere of a city from being lost through the sounds, smells and flavors in a local market. You will not only get a great idea of ​​how locals live, but you are going to buy some souvenirs at very reasonable prices and taste fresh local products from local producers. The markets are also a great source of entertainment and an insight into local life.

Stroll around the park

If you want to escape from city’s chaos without leaving away you can go for a walk in one of its parks. In many cities also parks are very popular attractions, such as Central Park in New York, Retiro in Madrid and English Garden in Munich. You can make a walk, ride a bike or take a break from your wanderings and eat your lunch in the park, as the locals do!

Cathedrals and Churches

Every city in the world has many churches, cathedrals and religious monuments that you can visit and which are usually free! Many of them are hundreds of years old and are landmarks of the city and architectural marvels while having great historical importance.

Watch the sunset

It is so obvious that many times we forgot about it! Wherever you are spend 10 minutes to watch the sunset! It is so different from city to city and you will certainly take some of the most beautiful pictures of your trip!

Street artists and Festivals

A theatrical performance or a concert as tempting as they sound, are a big expense on a journey. But there are alternatives ... in every city you will meet many street artists and ordinary people dancing in a square. Take a break and enjoy the moment! Also, many times your trip will coincide with a series of celebrations, a festival or a carnival. It's a great opportunity to get in touch with the city's customs, to socialize, to experience the city like a local and have fun!

Window shopping

Certainly we often combine travel with shopping. But even if you do not want to spend your money making purchases, you can make a nice walk watching the windows. In many cities, such as Paris a walk on Champs Elysees Boulevard, which is known for its luxury shops, is in itself a travel experience! A walk in a shopping center is also a good and inexpensive idea, especially on a rainy day!

Enjoy the view

I started telling you that the most beautiful things in life are free, and so I will close. I can not think of anything more beautiful than a panoramic city view! In every city there is at least one point from which you can see a panorama of the city, a shot that will surely be of the best of your trip. And the truth is that it is one of the first things I choose to do it in every city I visit for the first time since from that time after I use that picture like an inside GPS!

Daphne Giannouli

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