The beaches of Pelion are known not only in Greece, but throughout the world for their deep crystal clear waters, the white pebbles and the dense vegetation that becomes one with the sea.

There is a beach, however, well hidden on the eastern side of Mount Pelion, although it was voted as the world's 7th most impressive beach for 2016, although the Hollywood film Mamma Mia filmed here, although it has the most crystal clear waters you have ever seen, is almost unknown.

And while the neighboring beach of Mylopotamos suffocates from the crowd (read more about Milopotamos beach here!), the tiny but exotic Fakistra stands there, hidden between the forest, the caves and the waterfalls, to give those who discover it moments of absolute calm and tranquility.

Getting to this little paradise though isn't easy as the road is long and difficult. But I guess that is this difficulty of the journey that makes Factikra even more stunning.

Before you start, make sure you get enough water (you will need it!) and some snacks, because there is nothing on the beach and I am sure that no one from your company will be willing to go back to bring food!

Fakistra beach is located in Pelion peninsula, in central Greece, only 5 km away from the village of Tsagarada (read more about Tsagarada here!), but the beach is not entirely accessible by car. Where the road ends, two paths start. One, on your left hand, ends at Hidden School, while the second on the beach.

 Both are quite steep, with enough difficulty in both descent and ascent, which lasts about 20 minutes.

Start early to avoid the heat that makes hiking even more tiring, and start by climbing down the first path, which is a bit harder, to get to Hidden School.

On the way there are several benches to take a breath and enjoy the magnificent view, while at the end of the path you will find a tiny chapel built inside the rock, where during the Ottoman domination the Hidden School was operating.

And because, after so much fatigue, all you have to do is dive into these green waters, it's time to follow the other path to the beach of Fakistra.

Now you have already started to feel tired (I remember my legs trembling), but at that very moment the beach will start to appear timidly in front of you, among the trees.

And before you figure it out, you'll get to a beach that's hard to compare with those you have visited so far. If it's spring or early summer when you get off at the beach you will see a beautiful waterfall.

Regardless of the time, what you will face is a small bay with turquoise crystal clear waters, thick sand and white pebbles and huge rocks that rise majestically in the sea.

Daphne Giannouli

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