Tsagarada is one of the most popular villages in Pelion. It is located 50 kilometers away from the city of Volos in central Greece and is situated at an altitude of 500 meters above the sea level. I have crossed several times the village of Tsagarada, always on my way to Milopotamos beach. And the truth is that I never really liked this village, maybe because it does not really looks like a common greek village, as it consists of 4 districts, which could be considered as four different villages. Being the most sparsely populated village of Pelion, it isn't easy forTsagarada to impress the visitor looking for a small, picturesque village.

But now, having spent three days in this "special" village, I think I have understood  what makes Tsagarada one of the most popular villages in Pelion. It is the game of the sunlight among the leaves of the huge old plane trees, the sound from the waters running on the slopes of the mountain looking for the sea, the narrow paved cobbled streets and the cool breeze that caresses you in its passage.

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It is yet the sun that rises above the Aegean sea that color the skyline in shades of pink, the whitewashed mansions of Pelion with the beautiful rooftops facing the endless blue of the sea, the dense green forests with streams and waterfalls ending in magical beaches ..

The 4 districts

Tsagarada consists of 4 districts, which have been named after the temples built in their central squares. The neighborhood of St. Paraskevi (Agia Paraskevi), with its beautiful square, is considered the center of the village. The St. Taxiarhes (Agii Taxiarhes), with the church of the same name that was built in 1746, is the first district that you encounter when entering the village, while St. Stephen (Agios Stefanos), at the other side of the village, has a beautiful picturesque square. As we descend to the beach of Fakistra, we meet the neighborhood of St. Dominique (Agia Kyriaki), with the small quiet square and the beautiful stone bell tower.

The 1,000-year-old plane

In the neighborhood of Agia Paraskevi, on the main square, is located the most famous attraction of the village. The plane tree of Tsagarada is 1000 years old and is one of the oldest trees in the whole Europe! The trunk's perimeter reaches 15 meters, while its branches cover most of the square, creating a thick shadow. If you descend the stairs behind the plane tree, you will see the marble fountains of Agia Paraskevi. The fact that under the square there are natural springs, is probably the reason of the longevity of the plane tree.


Apart from the 4 churches that are the patrons of the four districts, there are 27 more churches and chapels of hundreds of years in Tsagarada. The fact is that in Tsagarada are located the most churches that can be found throughout Pelion.

Old bridge

Shortly before the entrance of the village, the oldest bridge of Pelion is located at the point where the gorge of Mylopotamos begins. It is a stone-built bridge built in 1728. Access to the point is very easy as long as you follow the sign "Old Bridge" in the main road, and after 5 minutes of downhill ride in a path surrounded by chestnut trees and plane trees you will find yourself in a magic place that seems forgotten by time.


If you love hiking, Tsagarada is the ideal destination for you. With more paths than roads, you can wander through the hours between the cobbled streets in the shade of the chestnut trees, discovering small hidden treasures. One of the most beautiful routes is from Agia Paraskevi to Damouchari. Shortly before the main square pf Agia Paraskevi, you will see the sign that leads to a beautiful 4,5-kilometer-long path. Keep in mind that return is quite difficult, as the road is very uphill.

The Hidden School

Next to the beach of Fakistra, before the stairs leading to the beach, you will see a sign that leads to Hidden School. Downhill has some difficulties, because in some places you will have to walk between the rocks and there is plenty of mud but after 15 minutes of hiking you will understand that it was worth it. At the end of the journey, the view is magical, with huge rocks dominating the sea, while in front of you in a cave you will see the Hidden School, where during the Ottoman domination a monk secretly taught the children of the area.

The beaches of Tsagarada

Much of the charm of this place is due to the fact that in a short distance from the green mountains there are two of the most beautiful beaches not only of Pelion region, but also of Greece. The beach of Mylopotamos, is located about 7 km away from the village. Milopotamos is famous for its turquoise waters and its impressive natural scenery. Huge rocks divide the beach into two while a natural arc formed between the rocks is the only passage from one beach to the other (read more about Milopotamos beach here!).

Very close to the beach of Mylopotamos, just 5 kilometers away from Tsagarada, there is a beach that although less known, was voted by the Guardian as the 7th best beach in the world for 2016. The beach of Fakistra is a small bay, with turquoise waters in a rugged rocky landscape. The road to the beach requires a lot of walking, but the view will make you forget about any fatigue (see 25 photos of the exotic beach of Fakistra here!).

Where to eat

Pelion cuisine is famous all over Greece and not unfairly. The most typical dish of the area is spetzofai,which is made of local sausages, peppers and tomato sauce while the various pies are also quite popular. If you want to taste the local specialties, visit the Agnanti restaurant and Kalivi in Agii Taxiarhes Square. These two restaurants are located next to each other, in one of the most beautiful locations in the village, under huge plane trees. In Agnanti, we picked the pastirma pie and the calf with smoked cheese and sun dried tomatoes, while in Kalyvi, the pork with yoghurt and the pork knuckle.

If you want to try the local products cooked in a more alternative way, visit the restaurant Dipnosofistis on the old road to Mylopotamos beach, which is considered by many to be the best restaurant in the area. Personally, I had bigger expectations from this restaurant, but it definitely deserves a visit.

For coffee and desserts, take a stroll from Agna.Di Cafe DiVino, which is located on the main road in the neighborhood of Agia Paraskevi, in a beautiful environment with beautiful views. I also enjoed my coffee in the cafe located in the central square of Agia Paraskevi, under the old plane tree.

Where will you stay

In Tsagarada we stayed at Aglaida Hotel &Apartments and I will tell you why you should do it yourself. This hotel combines something unique that will make your holidays even more special. On the one hand, there are excellent facilities such as swimming pool, pool bar and restaurant, all with stunning views of the Aegean that will give your holidays a sense of luxury. While on the other hand it consists of residential complexes, built according to the traditional architecture of Pelion, which will make you forget that you are staying in a hotel, but you will feel like you have your own home in Tsagarada.

How to go

From the city of Volos there are two routes that you can follow to Tsagarada. The 1st passes from Agria, Lechonia, Kato Gatzea, Kala Nera and Milies and is 49 kilometers in total and it will take just over an hour to reach your destination. The second route passes from Ano Volos, Portaria and Hania and is perhaps a bit more beautiful as it offers a great view of the Pagasitic Gulf and the city of Volos. This route has a total length of 46 km, but you will need a bit more time to reach Tsagarada (about 15 minutes more than the first one) as it has more turns.

Daphne Giannouli

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