Whether you are going to get on a long-haul flight or planning a city break, one of the most common problems one faces is what it should take with him. And although clothes and shoes are the ones we care most about, there are some other things that if we have them with us, especially during a flight, they will make our trip even more enjoyable.

Antibacterial wipes

Antibacterial wipes are one of the things that I always have in my bag. But when it comes to traveling by plane it stops being a habit and becomes more than necessary, as airplanes can breed bacteria that are likely to cause various diseases. Did you know that in plane's tray tables there are more bacteria even from the airplane's toilet? So it is always a good idea to carry a pack of antibacterial wipes in your carry-on bag.

Moisturizing Cream & Lip Balm

The recycled air of the airplane results in a great lack of moisture. And this may sound insignificant to you, but it is likely to leave your skin and lips much more dehydrated than you would expect. Especially on long-haul flights, the problem can become more intense, so I always have a moisturizing cream and a lip balm with me.

Sleeping mask

A sleeping mask can be your best ally if you want to sleep during your flight. Both the lights on the plane and the flight attendants and passengers walking around the corridors will make your sleep mourning. So make sure you always have a sleeping mask with you which you will probably need several times during your trip (for example in hotels without shutters, trains, buses, etc.).

Warm clothes

Even if your destination is a tropical island, or if you are traveling during summer, the temperatures are usually lower in the airplane. And because the last thing we want is to get sick during our holidays, it is necessary to have a cardigan or a scarf on our hand luggage to cover in case we cool down. Of course, many airlines especially on long-haul flights provide blankets to passengers, but a warm outfit can always be helpful.


We all love to eat some snacks during a flight. In case we travel with a low-cost airline though, food is something that can cost us a lot. That's why it's a good idea to bring with you light, healthy snacks - without liquids or sauces. Cereal bars, dried fruits or some sandwiches are always a good choice to keep you full until you reach your destination. And since the hydration during the flight is very important, I would also suggest bringing together an empty bottle of water that you can fill after you have passed airport's security.

Daphne Giannouli


  1. These items are great ideas for carry-ons, especially since I will be traveling in a few weeks. Thanks!

  2. I just traveled for the first time a month and a half ago (since I was a baby at least) and I was baffled about what to put in my carry-on. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I think that it will always be a problem let alone if we travel with a baby!!