Dutch cuisine may not be one of the most famous in the world, but if you are a foodie, you can not visit Amsterdam and not taste the country's most famous dishes. Believe me, in the end of the day you will be very pleasantly surprised!

Say Cheese...

You may have heard nothing about Dutch food so far, but there is no way you have not tried a Dutch cheese. Gouda, Edam and Leyden are among the most famous Dutch cheeses, so if you find yourself in Amsterdam, you definitely have to try them. There are many shops selling hundreds types of these delicious cheeses in flavors you cannot even imagine and you can try a bit of everything before you end up buying your own favorite.

My own favorite: I visited many shops of this kind in the 3 days I spent in Amsterdam and concluded that my own favorites are the Henri Willig shops, which you will find everywhere in the city! I loved their Gouda with herbs and garlic, the truffle-flavored Gouda and the smoked cheese!

French fries

Is there someone who doesn't like French fries? Well, at this moment, I'm not talking about simple french fries like those you probably have in mind, since eating french fries in Amsterdam is a unique tasting experience! There are many places in the city selling fries in paper cones, accompanied with various sauces. The most traditional way to eat your fries in Amsterdam is with a mixture of mayonnaise, peanut sauce and onions, named "patatje oorlog".

My own favorite: Wherever I ate french fries in the Netherlands I loved them! However there is a small place, in Voetboogstraat, near Spui Square, called Vlaams FriteshuisVleminckx, where I found the best fries in Amsterdam!


Dutch people love seafood and especially herring. They eat herring in various versions, the most popular of which is raw, accompanied by onion and pickled cucumber, or in sandwich (broodje haring). Although I am not a big fan of herring, I tried it (only one bite), but to be honest I did not understand what's so special about it.. Maybe I have to try it again between May and July since it said that those specific months herring is sweeter.

My own favorite: I was almost certain, before I even tried it that raw herring would not be something I would be eager to eat again. I'm sure though that there are a lot of you who will love it, so if you want to taste the best herring in Amsterdam according to the locals and tripadvisor, you have to try the stall named FrensHaringhandel across Bloemenmarkt.


Although neighboring Belgium is worldwide famous for its waffles, if you find yourself in Amsterdam, you have to try the Dutch version, which is also delicious! Stroopwafel is a waffle with intense aromas of butter and cinnamon consisting of two thin sheets of dough with caramel-like syrup in the middle.

My own favorite: Stroopwafels can be found everywhere in the Netherlands, but I ate the best ones at the Original Stroopwafels in Albert Cuyp Markt.

Croquettes from Vending Machines

One of the most delicious things you can try in Amsterdam is croquettes. These little crispy, fried snacks, stuffed with beef, chicken, bacon or potato are among the favorite delicacies of the locals and from the very first bite you will understand why!

My own favorite: You can find croquettes everywhere in the city, but FEBO is my own favorite when it comes to a snack.

Pancakes & Poffertjes

Have you ever heard of Dutch pancakes? I hadn't until I visited Amsterdam and now I just love them! They are much bigger and thinner than American pancakes and they reminds more of crepes.

Another very popular sweet snack, looking like tiny American pancakes, are poffertjes. These small fluffy snacks are usually served with powdered sugar and a piece of butter on the top and you will find them in many stalls around Amsterdam.

My own favorite: When it comes to pancakes, my own favorite place is PancakesAmsterdam. Here you can find both traditional Dutch pancakes and the classic American ones, all come with amazing toppings!

Cookies in Van Stapele Koekmakerij

Cookies are definitely not a traditional Dutch product; on the contrary you can find them in any part of the world. There is a tiny shop near Amsterdam's Spui Square though, which is called Van Stapele Koekmakerij where you will find only cookies and more specifically only one type of cookies. I think that these cookies are so tasty and unique that they will be soon as famous as poffertjes, so do not leave Amsterdam without trying them!

Many thanks to I Amsterdam and Amsterdam Tourism for helping me explore Amsterdam. As always, all opinions are my own.

Daphne Giannouli

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