Reykjavik is not considered as the city that someone has to spend a special time during a trip to Iceland. Its size and the only 125,000 inhabitants maybe make someone thinking that Reykjavik is too small to be interesting.

However, each of the minutes you spend in the northernmost capital of the world will make you realize that a country as special as Iceland could only have a capital different and more colorful than any other country in the world.

Reykjavík City Card

Definitely the last thing you think when you hear the word Iceland is museums, art and exhibitions. However, Reykjavik has a variety of interesting museums and galleries, which if you intend to visit, you have to visit Reykjavík Official Tourist Information Centre and get your Reykjavík CityCard. Reykjavík City Card also offers free entrance to most of Reykjavik’s pools and saunas as well as free use of city's public transport. We got the 24-hour card (48-hour and 72-hour cards are also available), which costs around 28 Euros and it proved to be a great decision since weather in Reykjavik was particularly rainy during our trip, a fact that gave us the chance to visit several museums.


Hallgrimskirkja is the temple symbol of the city, which took its name by the Icelandic clergyman and poet Hallgrímur Pétursson. With 74.5 meters height, it's country's tallest temple, visible from several parts of the city. If you want a great vantage point to get some interesting shots of Reykjavík, head up to the top.

Visit one (or more!) of Reykjavik's pools

In Iceland, swimming pools are one of the biggest sources of relaxation and fun of the locals. If you visit Reykjavík it's a must to visit some of the 18 swimming pools that there are in the city. Even if the weather is too cold do not miss the opportunity for a really hot bath!


Reykjavik's iconic glass faced building, Harpa Concert Hall, is city's most impressive building, inspired by the basalt landscape of Iceland. Reykjavik looks even more beautiful through Harpa’s hundreds windows, so take your time, sit back and enjoy the view.  Music lovers can attend to one of the many great concerts taking place here or even watch some of the Icelandic's Symphony Orchestra rehearsals.

Sun Voyager

A few meters away from Harpa, you will see dozens of tourists to crowded at the edge of the sea to photograph Sun Voyager. It's a beautiful sculpture of metal that is wrong considered by many to depict a ship of Vikings, while in reality is an ode in the sun and symbolizes light, hope and freedom.


Perlan is a must-visit museum when in Reykjavik. What makes Perlan so special, apart from its awesome panoramic views of Reykjavik, is the artificial ice cave, built with over 350 tons of snow from the Blue Mountains which is preserved at -15°C. At this time the museum is under construction, which means that many exhibitions are closed and for this reason the entrance fee has been halved.

Where to stay: Galaxy Pod Hostel

There are two very good reasons for choosing Galaxy Pod Hostel during your stay in Reykjavik. The first one is the fact that is a fairly cheap option in a country as expensive as Iceland. Reason number two? Have you ever slept in something that reminds more of a spacecraft than a hotel room? Probably not. So this is a great opportunity to do it! We stayed in a double pod and our stay there is one experience that we will remember for a long time! Galaxy Pod Hostel is located on Laugavegur Street, one of city's biggest streets, very close to a Kronan supermarket and the bus stop. Staff is very helpful and pleasant, while all common areas have a modern décor and they are very clean. I really loved the living room area, with the big floor to ceiling window and the comfy sofas, which was upper cozy and a great place to hang out, drink a beer and meet people.

Phone: 00 354 511 0505
Adress: 105, Laugavegur 172,  Reykjavik – Iceland

Disclaimer: We were guests of VisitReykjavik and Galaxy Pod Hostel, but all the opinions listed in this article are mine!

Daphne Giannouli

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